I read your post About the issue of hyperblinking after switching to LED lighting.

I experienced the same thing with my 2008 F150. 

I knew about the the fix you propose  but the Ford dealer gave me a much better option, just change out the standard flasher with one rated for LED . No removing tail lights, or splicing wires etc. 

I went to my Ford dealer and they explained it was because of the lower voltage draw of LEDs Just like you stated; it’s a feature to warn drivers about an outage. 

It’s worked great for years now. About $15. Pass this on. Oreillys sells the same stuff.

Terry F.

It’s much easier than splicing wires, which we all know contributes to electrical failure eventually. 

I saw your response in the paper to a person that was having problems with mice under the hood of their car. I had this problem and set rat and mouse traps under the car and caught critters every few days . Someone told me to place a light under the car on a timer so it would be on at night. Have not caught a critter in 2 years. This solved my problem, so hope is of help to you.