In response to numerous reader requests, I have put together an archive of 20+ years of nationally syndicated Under the Hood columns. Readers will be able to search for columns of interest by either make/model of the vehicle or the situation.

My hope is to offer a resource including automotive technical Q&A, help and encouragement to perform one’s own maintenance and light repairs, and to understand how to team-up to best insure a positive outcome for professional work performed. Also included is a learning environment for new technology and automotive technology in general.

This venue allows many additional features not possible with the newspaper/web column such as images, reader feedback, reader favorite tools, and experiences. I am working on sections for tips and techniques, tool recommendations, and some short videos demonstrating certain useful procedures. The site will also contain some advertising. These will be companies that I believe in, that have great informational resources to share, and/or products that are truly useful.

I hope you enjoy this evolving resource! My wife Julie has been instrumental in putting together the technical aspects of the site.

Brad Bergholdt

I am hosting an ad for tire rack below.

I like these folks, I’ve been purchasing tires from them for many years, installing them myself, and more recently having them shipped directly to Wheel Works, my local installer. They seem happy to participate and have done a nice job mounting and balancing the tires/wheels for about $15 each. 

I like being able to perform a thorough comparison between many different tires and checking reviews in order to make the best choice rather than have a place sell me what they think I need. One of the things that’s always been surprising about Tire Rack is I can order a set of tires on lets say a Wednesday afternoon and darn if they will not be on my porch the next morning! I think they are located across the street from UPS in Sparks Nevada? 

One of the best features of Tire Rack is their Tech Center, which is a well-produced and thorough explanation for just about any tire and wheel question, and additional brake, suspension, and lighting information. I’ve employed this resource many times when writing the column and feel confident in their expertise. I highly recommend folks visit the Tech Center (under Research and Advice) for any tire and wheel questions!